CLIA Waived

The Confirm BioSciences Integrated CLIA waived Urine Cups and Dip Cards can test for up to 14 drugs. Our Multi-Drug Integrated Cup is ideally suited for workplace drug testing. It is CLIA Waived and Made in the USA.

Whether you are looking for iCup, T-Cup, EZ cup or Quick Screen all-in-one urine drug tests, or dip strips and cassettes, you can find CLIA waived urine drug tests here. These test will give you instant results and you can send the complete integrated cups away to a laboratory for confirmation testing or throw them away if the results are negative. Either way, the integrated testing cups are as hygienic as they are fast and easy to use. They require minimal training and and handling them is a breeze.

The urine dip cards are equally easy to use and they are less expensive. Order in bulk for even more savings.