HairConfirm Express

HairConfirm™ Express

Hair Drug Test Kit:

Hair Follicle Testing is one of the most trusted methods of drug testing today and is used by law enforcement officials and organizations alike. It is extremely accurate, providing a drug history for up to 90 days and is proven to be more sensitive than Urine and Saliva testing.

HairConfirm® is the first hair follicle multi-drug test kit designed specifically for parents and individuals, to provide a comprehensive 90 day drug use history report. With a simple at-home hair collection procedure, a hair sample can be taken quickly and easily and mailed to our laboratory using the pre-paid shipping envelope included.

HairConfirm® Express screens for the five most popular drug classes and is available with overnight shipping included.

HairConfirm® is 100% confidential; no personal information is required. Each test kit includes a collection kit, complete instructions, pre-paid shipping envelope as well as the laboratory analysis fees.

Features and Benefits:

- CLIA Accredited, CAP Accredited, ISO Certified Lab
- GC/MS Confirmation
- Fast, Accurate Results
- Trackable Process
- Secure Online Results
¹Upon receipt of the hair sample by the laboratory

Screens For:
- HYDROCODONE Vicodin, Lortab/Lorcet
- OXYCODONE Oxycotin, Percodan/Percocet
- AMPHETAMINES Amphetamine, Methamphetamine and Ecstasy
- COCAINE Cocaine/Cocaine Metabolite
- OPIATES Codeine, Morphine, Heroin Metabolite

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