Rise of Kronic Abuse in Coal Mining Industry

While the US is working against the alarming trend of Spice and bath salts abuse, officials in the Upper Hunter region in Australia are setting drug testing facilities to fight the growing abuse of a new herbal drug, known as Kronic. According to a feature on ABC News, Kronic is being sold legally in several specialty shops across the Hunter region and is gaining popularity among coal mining workers. Kronic acts as synthetic cannabis, but it cannot be detected by current drug tests available since the drug does not contain THC, the active component in marijuana that is being measured by drug tests in saliva or urine. The Upper Hunter mining industry will not watch on the sidelines as this disturbing trend unfolds itself, though. Officials say labs will be set up to test for Kronic within the next 6 to 8 weeks. According to Mark O’Neil, General Manager of Coal Health Services, “There are labs in New South Wales and Queensland that are looking to set themselves up to test for Kronic… If a company suspects that somebody is under the influence of it, and wants to have a sample tested to ensure that they’re not, certainly (having the test) available in New South Wales is going to make that process a lot faster.”


  1. All this free press is making the kronic even more popular. I’m hearing soo many people talk about this now that mainstream media has picked it up.. its ironic that when big media uncover a problem occuring they inevitably make it worse. Anyway nice article have a good day

  2. How long does kronic stay in your system? and How is it tested?

  3. To the fools smoking it before and during work,you deserve the sack and prosicution!you have just ruined it for the “in your own time” recreational user.but i will ask the so called experts how many recorded deaths have there been for marijuhana overdose compared to cancer from ciggies and alcohol abuse ,heroindeaths etc?oh and has anyone died yet from smoking kronic?the way things are going we will all be bloody tea totallers! How boringe

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