Naperville School District Considers Random Drug Test for Student Athletes

A school district in Naperville, Illinois is mulling over the possibility of implementing a random drug testing policy for students who participate in athletic programs and other extra-curricular activities outside the classroom. Naperville Community Unit School District 203 officials met early this week to tackle the district’s co-curricular code, which governs the requirements for students taking part in extra-curricular activities sponsored by district schools, and found 30 violations committed by students — 24 of which were marijuana-related. “Our biggest concern is the pressure on kids is pretty severe now,” Naperville North Athletic Director Jim Konrad told Daily Herald. “Marijuana is rampant in the schools. If there’s anything we can do to assist parents and assist the kids to say no, I think it’s a positive thing.” It’s unclear, though, when the plan will commence. District 203 officials are still gathering information from other Naperville school districts that have similar policy. They want to know how random drug testing are helping the schools, as well as consider all legal and privacy issues, before they draft their own policy. Bob Ross, assistant superintendent for secondary education, said school administrators are aware of the possible downsides of random drug testing students, but if such policy can help students to say no to drugs, then they will study the option. The district’s plan to drug test students follows a recent incident in which four Naperville North students involved in student activities “came to school under the influence.”

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