Antigo Schools to Conduct Drug Tests on New Hires

The members of the district school board in Antigo, Wisconsin, have voted in favor of requiring all potential new hires to undergo drug testing. The decision came in the wake of the resignation and suspension of several employees of the Antigo School District, due to their involvement in a marijuana operation. The incident triggered a review of the school board’s policies. Antigo School Legal Counsel Dean Dietrich said: “If there are negative results from the drug test then the candidate will no longer be considered.” The eleven Antigo and Merill school employees involved in the case, including former Antigo High School football coach John Lund, have been accused of growing and selling marijuana. Some details regarding the proposed policy have not been ironed out by the school board, including whether they will provide drug testing kits or use vendor testing, as well as whether they should choose urine test options that cost $50, or saliva swab tests that cost $10, according to Antigo High School Principal Thomas Zamzow.

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