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Popular Drug Testing Products Used by Government Agencies

Drug testing is used by a growing number of corporations, the military, police, probation and arpole departments, fire departments, and government agencies.

No matter what type of organization wants to set up a drug testing program, Confirm BioSciences can help. We carry popular drug testing products used by government agencies,  including urine, hair and saliva test kits, instant and laboratory test kits and even test kits for synthetic drugs.

But, we don’t just have the products to help government agencies with their drug testing needs, we also have excellent service and can help any agency create a comprehensive drug testing program.


Confirm Biosciences has worked with the following types of government agencies:

• Federal & State Prisons
• Federal, State & County Probation and Parole
• County Jails and Detention Centers
• Child & Family Services
• Municipal Governments
• Federal Government
• State Government

We’ve helped all of these types of organizations decide which drug testing products to use and how to structure their programs and we can help you, too.