Drug Testing for Employees Working for Security Companies

For many small and large companies alike, security guards are often the first line of defense when a situation comes up that threatens those within a business.

There is a large variation of the type of security needed at different organizations, however the goal of security remains constant: to protect personnel or patrons if there is a threat. In order to do this, it is imperative that employees are not under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Why Drug Screen Security Personnel?

To ensure that a workplace remains drug-free, many employers opt to have strict drug and alcohol policies. In the security industry, it is vital that an individual is on alert and ready to smartly handle a dangerous situation.

Many believe that professionals in this industry are currently not being screened properly. However, due to the fact that drugs and alcohol impair a person’s judgement, an intoxicated employee could be a huge liability to a security company.

Through implementing an effective employee drug screening program, security companies also show their clients that they can trust their employees. Drug and alcohol testing goes a long way to establish this trust. 

What Kind of Drug Testing Should Security Companies Perform?

Many security companies opt to use hair follicle drug testing for their pre-employment test. Through this type of testing, employers can see drug usage of a person for up to three months, making it one of the most reliable tests. This lab based test is extremely accurate and hard to cheat. Moreover, this test shows not only recent drug use, but also will show a long history of substance abuse.

If an employer suspects any drug/alcohol usage by an employee in the last 24 hours, they can use a saliva instant test. This test can help settle disputes by informing the employer of a number of drugs an employee has taken in the last day.

Lastly, for employers that deal with services such as bodyguards or other professionals that handle firearms, they will often require steroid tests.

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