Police officers in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) may be forced to undergo drug tests, in the wake of the suspension of a high-profile police officer who got caught trying to interfere with his drug test, and then testing positive for drugs.

The Police Ministry proposed changes to its current testing procedure to the Police Association. Police officials are said to be in negotiations with the NSW government for the implementation of tough reforms. If and when the proposed changes push through, officers can no longer choose between a hair drug test or urine drug test, and will be mandated to undergo an “instant” and cheaper urine test that will deliver immediate results. These results may then form the basis for on-the-spot suspension.

The proposal was triggered by the suspension of former protocol officer Sergeant Wes Bas, who was caught trying to switch his urine sample using a condom filled with the urine of another person. Bas is a board member of the Aids Council of NSW and served as a gay and lesbian liaison officer. He used to work in the Office of the Commissioner, attending and presiding over ceremonial events.

The 29-year-old was trying to hide that he was using methamphetamine, or “ice,” while on duty in the Professional Standards Unit, which administers drug tests.

Investigators, however, caught on with his attempt at deception, and Bas was told to give his own sample, and the test results revealed amphetamines and “ice.” Bas was eventually charged with a criminal offense for trying to interfere with a drug test, and slapped with a suspension.

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