Confirm BioSciences is a women owned business located in San Diego, CA. We are a worldwide provider of on-site drugs of abuse testing products marketed under the trade names SalivaConfirm®, DrugConfirm™, HairConfirm™ and for private label. During our eight year history, we have developed a global distribution network with a strong presence in North America, Europe and Australia.

Confirm BioSciences has sold millions of drug tests and screening services to companies of all sizes and industries around the world. Our ability to satisfy Fortune 500 clients and large government contracts as well as the small local business owner has helped us earn our reputation for great products and service.

Our Values:
Confirm BioSciences prides itself on being highly in touch with the needs and demands of the drug testing community. We operate with four key values in mind:

  • Innovation: Confirm BioSciences products seek to pioneer groundbreaking ideas through various R&D programs, production processes, and patent-pending solutions.
  • Quality: Confirm BioSciences employs a thorough quality management system and superior customer service with cost-effective products and affordable solutions.
  • Affordability:We believe that businesses should never feel forced to choose between quality and affordability; this is why our company aims to leverage all market resources available to provide our customers with the most competitive market pricing.
  • Commitment:Confirm BioSciences has been providing unparalleled service and support to our customers by combining technical expertise, quality materials and sound business strategies. We have been growing steadily to become a major supplier of rapid in-vitro diagnostic devices worldwide. Our objective is to be one of the leaders in this segment.

Our Staff:
Our team is well-trained, experienced, and committed to excellence. These health professionals, information specialists, account managers, and logistics managers clearly understand the importance of testing and screening services to every business they serve. We are problem-solvers, dedicated to customer satisfaction Learn More About Our Team

Confirm BioSciences Benefits:
Drug and alcohol testing has become a vital component in employment, treatment, correctional/judicial and school extracurricular opportunity decisions. By sourcing this important function from our team, companies gain valuable benefits.

Corporate Fact Sheet

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  • Fast and accurate results using FDA approved instant drug test kits.
  • Nationwide access to products and services.
  • On-line ordering, training and test results.
  • Competitive pricing based on aggregate volume of many clients.
  • Outstanding customer service – rapid response and single point of contact for all services.

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Contact Information:
Confirm Biosciences Inc.
10123 Carroll Canyon Rd.
San Diego, CA 92131

Tel: 800-908-5603