PetConfirm Animal Wellness Tests

PetConfirm Animal Wellness Test
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Confirm BioSciences offers a full range of drug and alcohol test kits straight from the drug test manufacturer to you. We offer both instant and laboratory drug testing kits for use at home, in the workplace, at school, and anywhere else drug testing is required. We also carry extensive line of forensic field test kits available for law enforcement and public safety officials.

Confirm BioSciences brings both laboratory testing and point of care testing to the consumer through innovation and product development. Products are marketed under our proprietary labels, including: PetConfirm, SteroidConfirm, HairConfirm, DrugConfirm, SalivaConfirm, and through national and international distributors, as well as through client private labels.

Large scale customers can take advantage of our special pricing on bulk orders of urine cup tests for diagnostic testing. If you require a variety of testing options, you'll find competitive pricing on both lab-based and wholesale instant test kits.